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        Part ⅡVocabulary and Structure (30%)

        Directions: In this part, there are 30 incomplete sentences. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.

        16. the fact that the area had been hit by the severest drought in twenty years, a fairly good harvest was gathered in.

        A. In spite B. Despite

        C. In spite that D. Despite of

        17. I objected the meeting without him.

        A. to have B. to having

        C. having D. have

        18. There was no sense him to come early since everything was ready.

        A. to ask B. to have asked

        C. in asking D. being asking

        19.her inexperience, she has done quite a good job.

        A. Provided B. Given

        C. Seen D. Suppose

        20. The movie star with your sister, didn’t he?

        A. was used to dance B. used to dancing

        C. used to dance D. was used to dancing

        21. Every means since then.

        A. has been trying B. have been trying

        C. have been tried D. has been tried

        22. “I’d like to buy an expensive camera.”

        “Well, we have several models for you.”

        A. to be chosen from B. of choice

        C. to choose from D. for choosing

        23. The picture reminds methe time we spent together in New York.

        A. of B. in

        C. for D. to

        24. I owe you some money. Let me pay you now.

        A. back B. for

        C. in D. to

        25. Alone in a deserted house, he was so busy with his research work that he feltlonely.

        A. nothing but B. anything but

        C. all but D. everything but

        26., the new electronic device they designed is now in regular operation.

        A. With the solved problem B. With this problem being solved

        C. With the problem solved D. With this problem to solve

        27. We are looking forward toto the lecture by the famous professor.

        A. send B. be sent

        C. being sent D. sending

        28. I suddenly realized that he was trying to quarrelling with me.

        A. consider B. enjoy

        C. avoid D. prevent

        29. It was not a serious accident; our car needs only some repairs.

        A. major B. secondary

        C. minor D. primary

        30. We’ve sugar. Ask Mrs. Jones to lend us some.

        A. run away with B. run down

        C. run off D. run out of

        31. It is necessary that an efficient worker his work on time.

        A. accomplishes B. can accomplish

        C. accomplish D. has accomplished

        32. Mother insisted that .

        A. they are to be back before nine in the evening

        B. they ought to be back before nine in the evening

        C. they be back before nine in the evening

        D. they had to be back before nine in the evening

        33. can be judged from her eyes, she has no personal hostility to us.

        A. It B. As

        C. Which D. That

        34. The politician urged that all citizens to the polls on election day.

        A. had gone B. went

        C. must go D. go

        35. No one doubts he is the best leader in the company.

        A. whether B. if

        C. what D. that

        36. Frankly speaking, I’d rather you anything about it for the time being.

        A. didn’t do B. haven’t

        C. didn’t D. have done

        37. Henry looked very much when he was caught cheating in the biology exam.

        A. discouraged B. embarrassed

        C. disappointed D. bewildered

        38. The Anti-Japanese War in 1937 and iteight years.

        A. was broken out; lasted B. broke out; lasted

        C. broke; remained D. had been broken out; kept

        39. Hardly had he finished his speechthe audience started cheering.

        A. then B. when

        C. than D. as

        40. The child was immediately after supper.

        A. so tired that he went to bed

        B. enough tired to go to be

        C. too tired to go to bed

        D. very tired, he went to bed

        41. I did not choose any of the three ways, because I found satisfactory.

        A. neither of them B. either of them

        C. none of them D. none of it

        42. How wea chance to visit your great country!

        A. looked for B. longed for

        C. waited for D. went for

        43. Don’t to let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

        A. reject B. prevent

        C. hesitate D. refuse

        44. Children shouldn’t leave their toys on the floor. They should .

        A. put out them B. put off them

        C. put them away D. put them off

        45. The traveler brought back some of the rocks from the mountains.

        A. samples B. specimens

        C. selections D. examples 


        16.【答案】B。despite:不管,不顾。而In spite of 才表示此义。

        17.【答案】B。object to 是固定搭配,其中的to是介词,后接动名词。

        18.【答案】C。“there is no sense in doing sth.”是固定句型,表示“不必做某事或做某事是没道理的”。

        19.【答案】B。动词give 与主语she 是被动关系,所以用given. provided 是连词,相当于if。

        20.【答案】C。本题考查used to do (过去常常做某事)和be used to doing sth.(习惯于做某事)的区别。

        21 【答案】D。means (方式,方法)作主语,谓语动词用单数形式。

        22 【答案】C。不定式作宾补。句意是“我们有几个型号供你挑选。”

        23. 【答案】A。Remind sb. of sth. 提醒某人想起某事来。固定搭配。

        24. 【答案】A。pay back:换钱。pay for:付账。

        25. 【答案】A。nothing but:只有。

        26. 【答案】C。考查独立主格结构。problem与solve是被动关系,因此用过去分词。

        27. 【答案】C。look forward to doing sth.:盼望着做某事。to 是介词,后接动名词。

        28. 【答案】C。avoid doing sth.:避免做某事。备选项中只有avoid后接动名词。

        29. 【答案】C。由前句not a serious 可知这里应填minor(较小的)。

        30. 【答案】D。run out of:用光。run away with:逃掉;run down:往下跑;run off:离开。

        31.【答案】C。在句型“It is necessary that…”中that 从句中要用虚拟语气,其构成是should do。

        32.【答案】C。insist表示“坚决要求”。其后的宾语从句中要用虚拟语气,其构成是should do。

        33.【答案】B。as替代后面的句子she has no personal hostility to us.

        34.【答案】D。urge(强烈要求)后的宾语从句中要用should do 表示虚拟语气。


        36【答案】A。would rather 后的从句中用虚拟语气。一般都是用一般过去式表示虚拟。


        38.【答案】B。break out:突然爆发。last:持续。

        39.【答案】B。Hardly… when:一……就


        41【答案】C。表示三者及三者以上的没有一个用none。 两者当中没有一个用neither或nor。them 代替three ways。

        42.【答案】B。long for:渴望。

        43 【答案】C。Hesitate to do sth.:不愿做某事。

        44. 【答案】C。put away:收起来,存储;put out:熄灭;put off:延期。

        45. 【答案】B。specimen:标本,样品。sample:试用品。 







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